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Little help is needed DIY Cnc

Hello, I build Cnc, and mostli get my inspiration and ideas from this forum. And I found diy cnc contest. And ended up in finall.
this is my build, I share it here to give someone else motivation and inspiration like I found it here.

Also I respect if someone can vote for me.
you can register in forum and vote for me folloving link.

This forum is for x-carve. Don’t ask us to vote for your non-xcarve open build work. It’s rude. Stop breaking the forum rules.

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Sorry, I posted, because i have seen there many non xcarve cnc projects before, and I just would like to share mine, voting is just bonus. and its not developed by openbuilds, its my own design and i just used some openbuild parts. Also in this forum i have seen beoples using openbuild parts. I didnt want to too somethind bad, just vanted to give ideas where i fount moust of them.

If it were a mod of an x-carve, using openbuildspartstore items, that’d be one thing.

However this is not. It is rule #1 in the faq

If the forum mods would enforce their own rules and clean up the trash (posts and posters) you wouldn’t be confused.

Not to pour gasoline but just to clear up… At what point is a modified x-carve no longer an x carve? I was thinking of starting a thread discussing it. What do you think?

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If it started out as an x carve… then it fits any x carve discussion. :slight_smile:


Then what if there are less than a few parts left from the original? At what point exactly? Let’s get meta on this.

Meh, when in doubt… just slap an x carve decal somewhere. :rofl: It’s still a modified x carve even if you mod out the entire thing to where there’s no original left. It’s only not an x carve if it started out not an x carve. How I see it.


#1: Always be civil and respectful in your discussions with other forum members.

Please remember that another human is on the other end of every comment. Bullying, ad hominem attacks, intimidation, and any other unpleasant behavior will not be tolerated.


What if you are making a DIY CNC router using the X-carve? I was about to start a thread with the beginnings of a build.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::sunglasses:

Now I’m scared to :clown_face:

Yeah, you’re right. I wasn’t thinking.:crazy_face:


That salve looks like a certain green herb.
Where you from @JanVanderlinden

We sure get a lot of tourists here these days…


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Don’t mind me. I’m just posting because I want to add a homonym.