Little project while learning artcam

Been quite some time since using artcam now relearning autodesk artcam 2017 getting the hang of it.


$45 a month but I just pay as I need it

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here is what it can and can not do for the standard version
artcam-feature-comparison-flyer.pdf (912.9 KB)

awesome work!

didn’t realize autodesk bought artcam

Thank you
I know in time I will have spent more on artcam but I like it better.

Here is a thread I started for the new Autodesk Artcam


Does anyone know if artcam will make 3D cut paths from imported polygons? Fusion 360 still doesn’t last time I checked.

It will import STL files

Hi ShaneBell,
Please tell me what kind of set up and how you did the project? I have been try create g-code from artcam and using x-carve but no luck.