Autodesk Artcam

Artcam was a really nice product from Delcam for a long time. I looked at it a few years ago and almost purchased the express version but ultimately decided to purchase Vcarve Desktop.

The full version of Artcam is very powerful and seems to do everything that aspire does (and maybe a bit more). But like Aspire it was very expensive.

In 2014 Autodesk purchased Delcam and now finally Autodesk is rolling out their version of Artcam. From what there website shows it looks like it has all the same functionality of the old full version of Artcam with an improved UI from Autodesk.

Autodesk does not have any pricing information available for it yet and they are providing a free trail of the software that supposedly is full featured. You can request a copy at this link

Evidently the link adds you to the list and Autodesk will send you the software “soon”

There is a lot of additional information and videos at these links

If this trial is really full featured, this is a very good deal (crazy good deal)


I signed up and I’m downloading it now (it’s 650+M).

I’m also downloading it now.

What did you do to actually get the download link? I signed up and confirmed, but never got the download link

Yes, the link showed up a few minutes later. Check your spam.

Looks like there is going to be a free (limited to 2D) version and a standard version.

Is the free trial the free for standard version?

It doesn’t seem to be a trial at all. It looks like it is the “Free” version. I should have some time to play with it tonight.

So it looks like the Artcam Free is what used to be Artcam Express.

Delcam sold that for $149

Unfortunately, it looks like there is no v-bit carving in the free version:

Is that a message you are getting from the trial version?

I found this in the help file while looking up how to v-carve (since I couldn’t figure it out).

There doesn’t seem to be a real “trial” mode (even though the site and emails seem to say there is). It looks like there is simply a “Free” version (that seems to be a very complete 2D application) and the “Standard” version (which includes 2D and 3D stuff). I don’t see any pricing information for the “Standard” version, nor do I see how to get it.

I have been emailing with the Autodesk person about this all day. They originally sent me an email telling me that they would be demoing the code at IWF and wanted to know if I would be interested in a private demo.

When I asked for more info about the “real” version, she told me the Trial version was the real version and there was no pricing set yet. Autodesk was just trying to generate interest with the free trial.

I have not had any luck actually getting a copy of the code yet, so I have not been able to run any version of it.

Evidently Autodesk is still trying to determine how to price it. I guess they see how much interest there is first. Hopefully they will treat it like Fusion360. and make it free or low cost for hobbyist.

Does this work:

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it does, thanks

I finally got in touch with someone at Autodesk and they told me the trial version of ArtCam Standard should be ready to download on August 8. Nobody there seems to know anything about pricing.

Just started a download but stopped it when I realised that it is only available as 64 bit. I run Windows 7 32 bit on a fairly old laptop.

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Autodesk just released a document that shows the features in each of the 3 versions of Artcam (Free, Standard ($360/yr) and Premium ($3,000/yr)

artcam-feature-comparison-flyer.pdf (912.9 KB)

Wow… that’s a bunch of money.

No kidding, I am having a discussion with the ArtCam team now about why it costs more than all other AutoDesk products. You can even license the full design collection which includes pretty much every design tool AutoDesk has (about 14 of them) for less than ArtCam costs.

It makes no sense to me.

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