Little Red Truck 3D Model?

I saw the included picture and project on a CARVEWRIGHT website. I could buy the .MPC files for it, but aparently they only work with the Carvewright machine. My question…Is there a similar STL project I can run on the X-carve machine? or can I convert the .mpc file?

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You cannot convert the .mpc to stl as the mpc is basically gcode for the csrveright with toolpaths and all that. A model cannot be reverse engineered from toolpaths. (Not economically anyway)

You could get a 3d model of the entire truck and break it into pieces to carve, youd need the file (check grabcad) and a 3d modeling software like Fusion360 to break it apart, then setup toolpaths for the carve, this could also be done in Fusion360, Vcarve, meshcam, or Carveco. . . It seems like quite a task though, even for a fairly experienced person…

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