Little Vacuum and Dampening Box

Hi guys,
So i finally got a shopvac (was using a house vac that kept going onto heat protection). But i do my cnc stuff in an apartment, so i decided to build a little box for my little shopvac and im quite surprised with the results, here’s a pic of the box being build and a really bad video to hear how it sounds (the box takes away around 70% of the volume).

I used 4 24"x24" 3/4" plywood pieces and 4 connectable rubber+carpet mats. You can buy all the materials for about 30$ :smile:



I have something like this for my big vac in the garage, mine is on wheels and the inside is lined with old carpet scraps to muffle the noise. I also put t-track into the top layer of plywood, since mine has a side door to empty the bin, so I keep my planer bolted to it.

I can’t tell from the picture if you’ve already done this, but make sure you have a “big enough” exit hole for the air, this is important to keep the vac from overheating. Mine has a 4 inch hole with a very short piece of PVC that ends in an elbow, so I can aim the exhaust.


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I’m sold. First I need to keep the noise down because I hate hearing protection. BUT, the real kicker is the shop vac takes up space. Why not turn that space into more works space! DUH. I wish I would have thought of that! I might put a drawer in mine up top dedicated to milling bits!

@KellyHickel hey yeah, in the video you can see it. Its an 18x2 opening which goes through an S shape pattern, i located it at the top of the box for the heat to go up. It does get quite hot tough, haven’t tryied very long runs yet, only about 30min or so, so we’ll see if it goes into thermal protection.