Live Build Help Needed - 1000mm drag chain "male"

I’m at the instructions where I’m supposed to add the male drag chain end to my angle bracket.

I don’t see a separate “male drag chain” end, and nothing in the instructions about taking it off the wrapped up drag chain that’s in the bag.

Do I need to disassemble the drag chain?

Remove the end of the larger drag chain piece. You should see two holes where the screws go.

The original instructions said to take the two ends off of the length of drag chain, one is male, one is female.
I didn’t see that step in the new/improved instructions, but I didn’t click through everything there.

As for the pic above - the old instructions show that piece attached to an angle bracket, not directly like shown here.

edit: seeing if I can cut/paste from a pdf of the old instructions:

sorry about that. I did pull one end off and attach it to the l bracket shown

Thanks guys! Tips on how to pull this off without destroying the part?

Here was the other axis also

Pro tip - one of those tiny screwdrivers seemed to do it
Not without a whole lot of scrapes in the plastic (and one of my fingers)…but it works.

I used a thin flat head screw drive and slowly lifted up on the edge until one end came up and then removed the other end pretty easily.

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You need to apply the amount of force that you are almost positive will cause the end to break off + 30%.

A very scary step.