Live Edge Wood bowtie inlays (for splits in wood)?

Hello all. New x-carve/easel owner/maker and wondering if there are existing files/instructions to make some wood bowties to embed in hardwood live edge slabs (like cutting boards, tables, etc). I am used to making the positive and negative “bowtie shaped embeds” in live edge projects by hand…figuring this should be a slam dunk for the x-carve and easel pro. Does anyone have files and instructions for such a project so I can easily scale and make both positive (the bowtie itself) and negative (the hole the bowtie will fit into) with XC and EP? Tks in advance ! Brian

Hey brian the easy method here is to deaign a bowtie (or get one as a solid shape from the pro design library) .
Then resize to approximate size desired.
then use the inlay generator app to round out the sharp inside and outside corners and create the male and female shapes… then thats it, bobs your uncle

Ohh i almodt forgot, the inlay app can be found by clicking the lego icon on the left.

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