Liverpool Sign

Made a Liverpool sign as a Christmas present for a friend. I support Manchester United so this was tough for me to do. I traced the logo in illustrator and imported the svg to easel. I used a v bit with a very shallow depth. I think it turned out great except for the very bottom numbers. Not sure what happened there.


I just have to ask and I dont mean to be mean at all but over in europe do you have a sport called soccer? or what do they call usa football over there?

just curious

We use football or soccer. We call yours american football. :+1:

Football is soccer and American football is called American football.


Oh okay yeah that’s interesting so in the eu you interchange the terms soccer and football as the same sport I did not know that

And so is rugby the closest thing to American football over there?

As a fellow Manchester United fan, I feel your pain brother!!! That must have really hurt to do.

Nice job though!

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