Location of threaded insert holes on waterboard in ration to the screened origin point

Does anyone know the x & y coordinates of any of the threaded insert holes (in relation to the screen origin point) ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

-= Brian =-

I know the are 75mm from center to each other.

Brian, the origin in the Easel window is what is called the ‘work zero’. Considering you can set this differently for every project anywhere on the waste board, you can choose what these distances are.

However, if you are looking for the difference between the Easel origin and the ‘machine zero’, that will actually depend on if you have homing switches and where you put the end stops for them. This relationship can be different for every machine based on the user assembly.

There is a lot of info on the forum about ‘machine zero’ vs ‘work zero’. Hope this helps explain.

According to the drawing (mm):
-37.5, 5
37.5, 5

I don’t know how precise the actual silkscreen position is, though.

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Thanks for the replies. I am making a new sacrificial board and am planning on including holes in it so that I can take advantage of the threaded inserts in the primary board. I am going to use the silkscreened easel origin as a reference for my drawing so that all of the holes in my new board are exactly lined up with the holes in the main board.


-= Brian =-

Why not just make a good of holes spaced 75mm apart? You can move the sacrificial board to line up after it’s made.

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That is what i did. I took the question as that is what he was planning to do to start. The silkscreen print is nice, but if your washboard is warped like mine was, it doesn’t really mater once you mill it flat. I took my v-bit and created lines across the wasteboard. Basically did the same thing. Just not as “pretty”.

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