Lock objects (can still select but not move, edit)

Simple request. Ability to set a ‘lock’ checkbox for a given object. E.g. I am nesting small rectangles to cut outlines inside of a larger one, to use a void in a piece. Every time I select the smaller objects to move around my selection rectangle also ‘grabs’ the larger rectangle. With a step to let me ‘lock’ the outer rectangle, I wouldn’t care and could move or alter only the others. Could indicate selection of a locked object with a different color highlight or something to indicate to user.


That’s a cool idea. It’s so frustrating when you grab one and the other moves.

This is still an essential feature needed to make Easel usable for advanced projects. Not only is it hard to select with so many layers (yet no layer functionality either), the simple act of selecting an object often moves it, making this one of the worst productivity tools I currently use for precision projects (although I am about to migrate over to fusion 360 because of this very issue).

this option currently exists, but must be enabled from machine > advanced > enable pinning shapes which gives a pushpin control on the shape tab for each shape.