Lockup when doing text in easel

Can anyone explain why my computers, all of them, lockup when I am creating a text file? It works fine if I import a text file and carve it but locks up when I make text. All of the other functions work fine.
A popup keeps coming up asking if I want to continue script, debug script or stop script. Any help would be appreciated.

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Dave, are you using a Mac or PC? Text causes CPU overload problems on the MAC but there are workarounds. Happy to help if you’re using a Mac.

Hi Bill,
Thanks. I forgot to mention my systems. All are PC using windows 8. All my software is up to date.

All about windows allocation problems, you’re saying all upgraded, it’s not. Microsoft couldn’t handle problems on 8.0 and 8.1’ now they’re giving up version 10 free of charge. All my problems gone with Windows10. Go ahead and upgrade to it, free.

I’ve had this same problem, but on a Mac. What workarounds do you suggest?

I’m not Mac user. Have no experience. But I think Inventables just released some Info about Easel problems related with Mac systems. Yo may want to search.

For Macs: once you’ve created a text box and populated it, let Easel save the changes, and then exit that page (you can have other Easel pages open to speed the process). When you reopen your project, you can resize and move the text boxes without difficulty.
I haven’t tracked down why this happens and, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t happen with any other element of Easel.

HI Alan,
Thanks. I will try that upgrade and we’ll see how it works out. I will post results when I get it done.

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Hi Alan,
Thank you for that suggestion about upgrading to windows 10. That did the trick. I upgraded the laptop I use for the x carve, did a couple test projects using easel and just text carves. It worked fine. No more popup script errors.
Thanks again

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I’m glad it was easy fix. Happy carving.

@Bill Thanks for the tip!