Long gcode files

I too have the “stuck in mm” issue in UGS.
My solution to it was to enter G20 in a ine in the macros tab in UGS and when I finish a job, as usual, it’s stuck in mm. I click the macros tab, hit the c3 button (In my case), and carry on.

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@JkWestphal Do you use UGS for long gcode files? If so, what version/build are you using. I was able to run a few long projects with the nightly build with no issues until a couple weeks ago, but now it freezes at about 33% completion. The only thing that changed was a Java update, so I’m wondering if that is the issue.
I tried using bCNC for the same project, but it takes forever to load the file, and if/when it does (sometimes the program freezes and I have to restart it), when I hit Start it takes forever to move and I have yet to get it to function properly. It either moves to the carve start point and just sits there, or it won’t move at all.

Ever since I downloaded PicSender, I’ve used that for sending gCode to my XCarve. However, I did find that the potentiometers were set low, so the machine would sieze up. I’d thought it was the software truncating the jobs, but it seems like the motors weren’t getting enough current to continue.

However, I haven’t tried UGS lately (as in the last 2 weeks), so I don’t know for sure if the problem was absolutely solved. I really like how PicSender works, so I’ll likely stay with that; I find it worth the $15.

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I saw PicSender as an alternative, but after putting over $2k in the machine and software, I’m trying to be cheap and not pay for anything else…even tho it’s only $15. lol If I can’t solve the UGS or bCNC problem, I’ll give in and pony up the $15.

Hi Tarry,

I do use UGS nightly build 2.0 (several months old) to send but I dont really think the files I have sent thus far would be considered long" .

Most of what I have ruin thus far has been 1.5 hrs or less and alot of that has consisted of files that clear alot of area but dont require a large gcode line count.
I have been limited in my shop time in the last few months since winter is coming on in the north county and I work as a propane service tech/delivery driver in my real life and this is a really busy time of year for us.

Thanks for the reply. Hopefully you can get more X-carve time soon!

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