Long simulating time

I am trying to carve a sunflower and the simulation time is saying 150 hours. I have a few questions since I am new to CNC work and Easel

  • The simulation time to carve this sunflower head is saying it will take 150 hours.
  • Is this accurate?
  • Is there a way to reduce the time?
  • When cutting, can you stop the cut and start again if you loose power?
  • What if you are cutting different layers? Will it stop and restart then?

Any help would be nice…Thank you in advance

  • Yes, with some margin as its not expected to be precise
  • Yes (and how…depends)
  • Yes, but you MUSt have a knows reference point to re-align machine to model coordinates. Homing switches allow that, so do 3-edge finder block etc.
  • Easel will carve on file at the time, a 2stage carve will be split into two single carves, one for each bit geometry.

In order for us to suggest anything regarding the 150hr estimated run-time, please provide a shared link of your project so we can see your design/cut parameters. Easel-File-Share-Shared with link-copy URL, click Save and close. Paste URL here.

Can you share you project so we can evaluate and make recommendations.

File / Share / Copy the link / Save / Paste into message