Long tool path and carving times

Lately my X-carve has been taking a long time to set up the toolpaths and to carve my design on a 1/2 in piece of wood? Any help is appreciated. here si the address for my project http://easel.inventables.com/projects/jks1OnBsBQSyMQ2AUMcSlg

I recently had a similar issue trying to carve a lot of text on a 24" x 24" piece with a v-bit and couldn’t get it down under 6 hours. I started a test carve and also determined that with the v-bit the text wasn’t going to look good at all. I switched to a 2 stage carve using 1/16" for the rough and 1/32" for the detail and it worked out, but it still took about 4.5 hrs. Also, my text was basically taking up the whole piece.

im having the same problem. im going to try doing a 2 step process.