Long Tool Path Simulation

I have been trying to do a detail pass on a carving. I am using a 60 degree v bit and I don’t feel that the design is very complicated. I did the roughing pass last night and today I am trying to do the detail pass. When I click carve it starts to simulate the detail tool path but it seems like it is taking forever. Here is a link to the project I am trying to carve.


If I purchased vcarve desktop and imported into easel does it still need to simulate toolpaths?

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Sorry, try this


I had the same problem it froze on me to. Maybe try this i set it up in 2 windows 1 for the roughing and one for the detail Also you can save yourself some time if you have a good 1/4" bit for the roughing pass Also i forgot to take out the second bit for the roughing pass…https://easel.inventables.com/projects/JKSIqv0QIKvqa6-B9dcaog

Sometimes takes Easel forever to write the tool paths, My star wars one takes 45 minutes!

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I think the issue is that your depth of carve is greater than the cutting depth of the standard Inventables 60 degree v-bit. That bit only cuts a little over 0.20" deep before you are in deeper than the bit can handle. That makes the tool path calculation much more complicated.

I suggest you set the background to 0.1" and the last name to 0.05". Then you’ll find the tool path simulation quick.

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Would I have issues carving that deep even when the tool path calculates? I only ask because I had another sign that was the the exact same as far as the cutting depth goes (just different names) and it was working. I decided that since my file was simple I would just delete it and recreate it. Now it seems to be working just fine.

In theory, it should be doable, but it makes the calculation much harder. It also takes much longer to carve. It may be that small differences in the project can have a big effect on the tool path calculation complexity.

Still, for a carve like this, I don’t think you actually need all that depth. That saves carve time and tool path calculation time.

Here is how I run mine the depths are .05 and .15, They take some time but come out nice in hard maple. I have stiffened up my machine a bit and the next one I run I am going to push it a little harder to see if I can keep my cuts clean. The roughing pass estimate is pretty accurate the detail is always off and it takes longer than estimated.

The only issue I have with Easel is the decisions it makes to carve a project it jumps all over the place for what appears to be no apparent reason at all. I only use Easel so I don’t have any hands on experience with other software to compare it to.


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