Longworth Chuck

A wood-turner friend of mine asked if I could cut a Longworth Chuck on my X-Carve. The files are available here:

The only problem is that the files are in .CRV and .DWG and .TAP formats. I cannot import them into Inkscape or Easel. Does anyone have V-Carve to convert the .CRV file? I’m looking for the 12" version.


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Saved 12" as .svg. Don’t know how to get you the file. Can I email you the file?

12in LW Chuck - Face Plate.svg.DELETETHISPART (5.4 KB)12in LW Chuck - Back Plate.svg.DELETETHISPART (4.4 KB)

Just delete the extension to leave the .Svg

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Thanks @Earwigger. Looks like that file has some strange artifacts in it. When I imported into Easel, a couple of the spiral sections appear to be “squished”. However, the file looks perfect in Inkscape.

The .DWG file was a little wonky, but here is the 10 inch version:

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Here’s the file that @JeffParish sent me. Imported into Easel without issue. There is still something strange with the model (e.g. fills are wonky), however it looks like it will cut OK.

I made a longworth chuck and here are the two files in Easel that I use.

Front Plate

Back Plate

They should be public now… and no they are not identical. The back plate has a recess for attaching a faceplate and the front plate has some finger holes that help with tightening the longworth chuck.

Yes, there is a million different ways to do it. I was just sharing the easel files that I used to make mine. .I wasn’t trying to debate all the possible ways that a longworth chuck can be made.

I didn’t draw them up but just modified a file I found online in Inkscape and then imported it into easel.

I just used this file. worked great. Thank you.

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bless you, Earwigger! I’ve been wanting a longworth chuck and have been unwilling to pay the high price for one. I recently bought a glowforge laser cutter and thought I’d just look and see if by some miracle anyone had made a SVG for a longworth chuck, and there it was! It worked perfect in inkscape and then i was able to easily bring it into my glowforge software and it worked beautifully. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Sean - can you help make this to a 13 inch plate - I have a friend that needs a 13 inch diameter I guess I can not just resize it as it looks like it makes the bolt pattern larger also…

@GreggLind, are you looking to just increase the outside diameter to 13 inches?

Try that and see if that works for you.

Could not open this file

That is a bummer because i deleted it after i copied it. :sob:

yes - when I grab it in Easel it just makes all the groves bigger also so I wanted a larger one with all groves the correct size…

It would be great if we could get all these file converted to work in easel form the CRV format. I did a 12 inch one for a friend and now he wants a 13 inch one and when I tried to make if bigger I just grabbed and then realized it made the objects and everything wider… So not sure how to scale the 12 inch one… to 13 inches