Look for ATC Help


I am looking for someone and some help on a project that I want to start

Now I will be upfront with everyone this is not a x-carve modification but it is CNC Routing related and I believe there are alot of very skilled people on this forum so I would like to throw it out there plus the concepts relate to CNC Routing which is why we are all here


I want to design and build a ATC (Automatic Tool Change) setup for my larger machine but more importantly I want to understand the electronic and mechanical side of things a bit better. I have the operation of it down and I know how I want it to work

here is a picture of basically what I want to build

The ideal person I am looking for to help:

Someone that finds these types of design projects fun
Someone that would like to communicate through email
Someone that preferably works in fusion 360 so that we can be one the same page with the CAD models

I have a bunch of other details I would love to share

please let me know if you would like to be apart of this adventure

thanks in advance

Phil - where are you at. This one is right down your alley, I sent you an invite to this topic. :grin:

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plan so far lol

Sweet! It was a while back, but one of the Inventables guys made an ATC that sat on the bed. For the life of me I can’t seem to find it…I know I book marked it way back, but can’t find it when I need it. There was a big discussion about everyone wanting Inventables to build and offer it…and the discussion evolved into a “how much would it cost/would you pay” type thing. I will keep looking for that project.

found it…https://discuss.inventables.com/t/auto-tool-changer-works-great/22518

oh yes thank you @ShaneReed

but that ATC is for the x-carve and also that is using a table mounted tool rack this project is none of those things unfortanly

Yes, CNC routers vary in their build volume and configuration as they can have one or more axis to work with and the ability to swap tools to perform different tasks. CNC routers require technical assistance from time to time, with working tools and mechanisms wearing down over time. On compared to spindles, spindle machines typically have better bearings and are more powerful whereas CNC routers are used for quick intermittent cuts on high speeds. For further information, you can go through Siemens repair center. Hope this will help you.