Looking for a 1000 or 750 in Ohio

I am in the market for a Xcarve 1000 or 750 in the state of Ohio or close to Columbus OH.

I am selling one but I am located in South Carolina

Sorry I am so late in getting back to you. I am new and did not reply properly, so, just received the “no delivery” today. Thanks for the offer, but decided to order a 750. Have a Merry Christmas Darwin

Which model are you selling and how much?

I have a 1000I am getting ready to sell. I am In Flint Mi. It has maybe 15 hours tops on it. It will come with all the bits I have and the precision collet set. It is also set up with tht IOT relay for automatic spindle operation. It will also include extra belt material, the mini shop vac I used as a dust collector as well as the bench it is mounted on. Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you for the email. I am sorry, just ordered a new 750 a week ago. As most people reply,“wish I had know earlier”. I would be interested in knowing why you are selling after 15 hours? Should you elect to reply, I would appreciate it.

I work 50 plus hours a week…have6 kids and just don’t have the time to spend in my detached garage to use it.