Looking for advise on new shop flooring

I am converting one of my basement rooms into a workshop expansion area. I need to make a decision about the flooring quickly.

My first thought would be to lay down a thick vinyl flooring directly on the concrete, like is used a garage.

Then I saw this product, it is a plastic base with OSB on top, it works great in basements where the floor may have some moisture. The OSB can be painted or covered with an epoxy


Any thoughts or recommendations would be welcome.

I personally like some padding on my workshop floor I used the padded tiles about 1/2" thick. Since I am always standing out there it makes things more comfortable and sweeps up very easily. I think it is called anti-fatigue mats.

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Thanks for the input, I was worried about laminate holding up as a shop floor (I drop lots of stuff).

The more I look at the Dricore the more I like it.

Did not think about Costco. Thanks, I will look this weekend

Vinyl flooring surrey is highly inexpensive, do an excellent job of replicating the look of marble, stone, and wood flooring, and much easier to install. But are they safe? With the growing concern about the safety of vinyl flooring and reports stating that they are toxic, numerous homeowners have replaced their vinyl flooring.

Iā€™d personally just epoxy coat the concrete. 1 because if you have a flood, way easier to deal with and if you ever roll a heavy item like when I rolled my 1100lb Tormach that would crush into any other flooring. I like the garage epoxy with the flakes.