Looking for assistance with X carve

I’m new to the x carve world, so I have very little knowledge of what i’m doing, plus .I’m not the greatest with computers either, so here is my situation. I was able to build the x carve 1000 with no issues. Using easel I set up my machine, using the probe and homing switches it all goes great, I follow the steps to carve a test pattern, setting the bit over the left corner of the wood, and all. however when I attempt to carve a test, the router moves away from my wood, and begins cutting. I don’t know what’s wrong. Any advice? Also if there is anyone near North Port, Florida who has an x carve and is willing to teach I’d really like the help. Thanks Paul…

Hi Paul. When you use the jog controls does everything move in the right directions? Are you able to share your easel project?

yes everything moves correctly.

Does your easel project look like this, with the bottom left corner of you material at the 0,0 location?

yes it does

I will generally jog my cutter over the material a bit and then use the probe option. After that, move the cutter to that (0,0) position in the bottom left corner and select “set xy”.

ok I will try that now

I tried your way several times with no luck. the cutter now goes to a different location (still away from my wood), the cutter does not go down enough to cut my wood either.

Do you, in Easel, click Confirm Home Position with the bit at the near left corner (Where Easel grid = 0,0) ?

I think you have a work flow error setting work zero (Easel Home Position).
See this video for reference - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqbbHyHkwpY