Looking for Clock STL file....3D or not

New to my CNC machine and to Easel Pro. Looked around there for any clock STL files but could not find any. Any good sites with collections of STL files and 3D STL files out there please?

Thanks !


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In the 3d Easel FAQ Page: https://inventables.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/10378619827219-FAQs-3D-in-Easel-Pro

There is a section about with a link to another inventables blog page:

Where you will find a list of websites that Inventables recommends for STL files.

In the projects section there are over 90 clock designs. You can browse through those. In some cases, you could use aspects of the published project without necessarily having to make an exact copy.

Thingiverse is also a good source. There are CNC and laser forums there.

You could also look through designs from the laser and vinyl cutter communities by browsing their forums.


You should really be using SVG files good luck they’re out there