Looking for feedback on projects

We are from Beyond Design and we are creating designs to run on our Carvey. Once we have the designs finalized we will publish them in the projects section for download. Can you let us know your thoughts on these design ideas?

This is a group of products we are excited about using in our office.

All feedback is welcome.


This one is small planter to keep a bit of nature at our desk. We are thinking of using a cactus because it requires less water.

We use a lot of pins in our studio. This is an idea to better manage our pins with a sleek design and elegant use of materials.

This is a desk organizer to keep your desk nice and tidy. Hold all of your utensils in a modular set.

This is a conversation object to use to play the simple game of tic tac toe with objects you already have, quarters. Heads are O’s and tails are X’s

These are trays that you can keep adding to based on the amount of stuff you want to store. They stack so you can build them as you need them. We are also playing with a few different concepts for lids.

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A lot of good ideas. I’d suggest something other than quarters for tic tac toe though, since imperfect lighting would require a lot more attention to focus on what face was up. Maybe use both quarters and dimes, or two items of different color, size, or shape.

Or maybe a circle with a slot inside of it?
So the “O” is a quarter lying in depression and the “X” is a quarter placed edgewise in the slot in the center of the depression.

Thanks for the thoughts Aaron and Robert. Valid point on lighting, maybe we create x’s and o’s as well?

@AaronMatthews’ idea is good. You’d still be able to use it as a bank and you’d be able to use a handful of random coins.

If you wanted to cut X’s and O’s specific for it, you could engrave them on both sides of 9 little tokens that fit into small pockets on top.

You can make a more interesting game than tic tac toe.

Carve the number 1 through 9 onto the squares and make a set of X’s and O’s (or any type of marker as long as there are two distinctive shape, ideally the marker would allow the players to see the number underneath.

Objective: To be the first player to reach the sum of 15 on any three squares

Player 1 places an X on one of the squares numbered 1 through 9. Player 2 then places an O on one of the remaining squares.

Player 2 places a second O and should try to place it so that player 1 cannot reach the sum of 15 on his or her next turn.

For example, if player 1 places X on 7 then player 2 places O on 3 and again player 1 places X on 5. (7 + 3 + 5 = 15). here player 1 wins.

The game continues as each player tries to reach the sum of 15 on any three squares before the other player does. If neither player reaches 15 before all of the squares are selected, then the game ends in a tie.

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What does everyone think of how their project turned out?

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I think it looks good, the tortoise shell acrylic gives it a good touch. The different backs on the quarters add a bit of confusion, but maybe that can be the “house” advantage? :smile:

Gotta go to the bank and get a roll of quarters so they all match!

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Tic Tac Toe. Just use Some dowels and paint the ends different colors.