Looking for help. on 750mm y and 1000 mm X

So i want a x cave but the 750mm is to small and the 1000mm is to big for my shop.
the Shapeoko has the XL that is the perfect size yet the software i just cant figure out.

I called Inventables to see if i could custom order a 750mm x cave but with the X or left to right axis of the 1000mm and the lady was rude and of no help. She told me to come here and ask.

Find it that the company wants to be of no help.

Dose anyone know of how to make this work.

How would a 750 x1000 work out for you? I upgraded my Shapeoko2 with a 750 mm xcarve x axis makerslide and used the 1000mm rails from the shapeoko2 for the Y. You would have to order the 1000mm wiring on the motors and home switches. It would be a matter of just ordering the 1000 and the 750mm X components you desire. Extrusion is pretty cheap. I made my own plywood table and pine sideboard surfaces for it.

If you ordered the 1000 kit you would have to order the shorter pieces of makerslide for the Y rails, a couple for the table supports, and cut down the table surface. Your x wiring and track would be longer, but you can just deal with that with cable ties.

You could also just cut the long pieces of extrusion down to fit for the table supports.

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YES THIS CAN BE DONE ! I was one of the first to order the X-Carve back in 2015 and I had the exact same issue. You will need to order the 1000mm X-Carve though. Then all you have to do is cut the y Maker slide and you will shorten your drag chain and cut the same length off the waste board. This actually has a hidden advantage too because you get less flex in your y/z axis. I sent you my number in a private message so I can tell you more or help you with your decision if you need. There’s too many trolls on this forum that could complicate things and turn this into a debate so I prefer you call me personally. But this can be done very easily and simply, and I love it this way on mine !


And you will have to cut your waste board too. Again the beauty is you get materials to make your own side board and you will have extra inserts which will come in handy down the line as they tend to strip over time.

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i one dont have room for a 1000x 1000 but i also only build butcher blocks that are 24in wide by 14 inch deep.

I make guitar necks which are pretty narrow, but I need 28" length. That was my motivation to do a hybrid.

Thank you everyone Just spoke with Don and he was able to answer all of my questions.


I imagine X1000 x Y750 means it will be placed on a not too deep bench top. If you don’t mind operating it sideways (*), consider a X750 x Y1000 setup instead. Between the two, a X750 x Y1000 is considerably more rigid. Less rigid => more chatter => lighter cuts to compensate => more time. If you notice on production gantry-based machines Y is always longer than X for that reason.

If I were to order a 750x1000 machine I would order and pay for a 1000x1000 kit (without the wasteboard) and put a note in the order and also call Inventables to swap the 1000mm X extrusions (wide Makerslide and 20x20 drag chain support) for the 750mm versions. You can then shorten the cables and drag chain yourself.

The fewer changes you mention the less likely you will confuse them. If you can cut and tap the extrusions yourself, just get the 1000x1000 kit as is (without the wasteboard).

(*) You could set a G28 macro and move it out of the way to a far corner with a push of a button.

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hello I have a x750mm by y1000mm, are there any setting that i have to do do calibrate my machine accurtely?

If by calibration you mean distance (100mm jog = 100mm movement) then all you need to so is edit the GRBL values $100, $101 and $102.

I started with a 500mm x 500mm Xcarve, I immediately realized that my machine was not big enough. So I went and purchase some 1000mm side rails and a 750 wide maker slide. Now I have increased my y axis to 1000m and my X to 750mm. The problem I am running into right now is when running two passes on easel a rough pass and a detail pass the detail pass cuts off path. So I am asking if my grbl settings could be the cause? Initially the only change I made in my machine settings was increase my machine workspace. When I started doing some research I realized that my machine grbl settings for $100 and $101 were still had the incorrect numerical values for my machine dimensions. So I changed them last night in machine inspector. Now they are correct but my work zero specifically the y axis has a negative number value for example y= -790.000 x= .005and Z=.003. With the - value that my y has is there something backwards? Is there a setting that I need to change? I am asking about calibration because my machine 0 and work station 0 values are different and when running two passes using easel my detail pass cuts on a completely different path.

No, GRBL values are not the likely culprit.
I would look at mechanical factors (set screws on pinion/pulleys specifically)
What were your cutting feed rates?
Xcontroller dip switch #4 set to OFF (idle current reduction, disable it)
Verify $1=255

This is common. A CNC is a substractive (remove material) production and with a machine zero established the workable volume is traditionally in the negative domain.

Homing cycle = setting machine zero.
Work zero can be anywhere within the volume your bit can reach and machine coordinates will show as negative.

If 1st and 2nd tool are misaligned, but from the same design check the points above.

My feeds for both were 45ipm and 30ipm plunge. I did what you advised and check my $1=255 and mine is currently set to $1=0. I will change to what you advised.