Looking for help on my xcrave

hi I’m new here and to the xcrave just got this from a friend its a couple years old and has only had a few projects ran thru it,i downloaded the easel i layed out a project and can’t seem to see where to buy the start button. can anyone help?

Did you press the “Carve” Button?

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i can’t find a carve button.

upper right hand corner of your screen

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The carve button should be green looks like you need to buy pro.

I don’t use Easel to control my machine, but they are two different buttons adjacent to each other. Pressing each one displays a different window.

Pressing the Get Easel Pro offers the options to buy that.

Pressing Carve displays a set up window.

have another problem now, when i home the machine it go’s all the way down against the wasteboard what am i doing wrong? please be patient with me on this. thank you so much.

If you move it yourself up and down does it go the right direction?

it good go’s left and right just find. when i hit the home mechine button it go’s down to far

Did you try moving the z axes up and down manually?

Homing generally moves the Z up first. If it is going down, you can change the direction in the settings.

Read through this carefully, especially the movement button section.

X-Carve Instructions: Computer Setup (inventables.com)

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thank you guys so much. just found out it don’t have homing switches. but i want to put them on there. I’m assuming I’ll half to run it in manual mode.

One potential reason that “Pro” is required, is the font you selected. If selecting a font in Easel, you have about 15 options in the free version. If you want a different font, in the free version, you would need to import your drawing from another app.

One way to check why “Pro” is required, is keep track of that button to see when it shifts from “Carve” to “Pro Carve”. There are likely other settings besides the font selection.

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