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ok, so I’m a disabled guy who used the really old 500mm XCarve that he was given. I have since been building, selling, and fixing all the time because it gives me something to do. The problem is that it has gotten to the point that it’s too outdated, so Inventables doesn’t even carry the parts anymore. My request is if anybody can donate a good or even not good machine.I would also LOVE to get something larger, but beggars can’t be choosers. Just know that I would happily use and appreciate anything, even a replacement gShield (which is the last part that put and end to it).

I am pretty sure Inventables still carries all the parts for your machine. They may have quite selling them but they still have replacement parts.

I actually talked to Tom (manager) and he was the one to suggest I get on here and ask.

Works for me but if they don’t have the basic parts there will be a lot of unhappy owners.

I agree. I was very surprised to hear it, but Tom said it’s been a couple years now. I would actually much prefer something larger or something not being used.

Have you looked at the component offerings?

I don’t see any gShields there at all which would speak to what I was told.

I would not recommend g shield.
Go with the X Controller. Found under Machine Upgrades.

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It’s like everything in my life… I want it, should have, need it, can’t afford it. So unless somebody has an extra one… Back to looking for a shield. But thanks for looking sir.

I own a heavily modified Shapeoko2 that must be at least a couple of years older than your machine. Still going strong, and as far as I know I could still find any part if I were to need it. Sounds to me like you’ve just given up on your machine, but my advice would be to get the replacement parts you need, and take your time to really solve everything that is not going to your liking.
Getting another discarded machine will only bring its own set of issues and won’t teach you anything about it. Also I think you’re more likely to find a good soul to offer you for example a used set of steppers than you would find someone to part with a complete machine.
Part of the hobby is troubleshooting, upgrading, etc. That’s how it is for all of us.
Hope this somewhat helps. Good luck with your endeavors.

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I do feel that I need to explain. I am not giving up on my machine, at this point I have practically had to figure out and replace every part. I’m really not trying to cry and use my injury to get free things. My only thought is that people upgrade and would like to donate their old machine to a good cause.

What I am trying to say is you would just get another piece of hardware with probably other issues going on. And in the end, most of that machine will be the exact same thing as what you already have. I can name a list of people who would be extremely happy to get what you already have. So figure out what’s wrong with your setup. Upgrade where necessary and get it tiptop again. These are not complicated machines to troubleshoot.

What you expect is someone to give a fully functioning machine to a complete stranger. Sorry but that’s probably not going to happen. If I would have one to give, I’d put it in a makerspace, where I know it has a good home and can benefit a lot more people.


I do totally understand with what you’re saying. Before my accident, I NEVER asked for anything but anybody could ask me for anything. I’m really hoping to get there again, but I’m really only asking for help because it’s what I feel I need to get to that point. That’s why I stated that I really don’t want anyone to go with me if they even have some place they would rather donate to.

I only built this to donate to my local VA.

Sorry mate, but you really don’t understand apparently.
The problem is clearly in your head, not with your machine.
Be thankful for what you currently have. If it needs improvement: improve it. If you are unwilling to do that, that’s on you.
You literally made an account here to ask for a free machine. That’s not OK.
I’m very sorry you have a disability, but the fact is nobody here knows you or your backstory, so why would anyone care?

This comes off much more harsh than I would like, but I feel you need to hear this. You got a machine for free before. Be thankful for that instead of asking strangers for a free upgrade.


And I’ve replaced all kinds of the parts on mine, I’ve actually replaced the shield before, but apparently they don’t carry the shield any longer, and as I’ve mentioned before, I can’t afford the $300 upgrade.

Ok then. I think this thread has run its course.

gshields are still plenty available, so are other cheap controllers.

While you wait for potensial offerings, what is currently wrong with your current gshield?
The gshield is really a weak link and a I would strongly suggest you seek different solutions.

The Xcontroller is one turn-key solution, but at a price I understand you are not capable of doing.
If you dont mind tinkering, a similar controller can be made for very cheap, basically an Arduino UNO or Nano, coupled with TB6600 individual drivers. Check Cragislist etc for any remnants of such, they are cheap new and should be dirt cheap 2nd hand.

Upgrading the controller/stepper drivers will be a massive upgrade compared to the gshield.

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Thank you Haldor. I believe that’s the direction I will attempt.

Inventables do not support their older machines. If you do not own the current machine they are selling, you will not be able to get parts from them. They want you to either buy a new machine or upgrade. Most parts are custom made…I bought a Shapeoko 2 and Inventables no longer stocks or makes the custom made parts that I need.

They may not carry parts for the Shapeoko but the 500,750 and the 1000 mm have all the same components other then the rails. So if you have an older model 1000mm that takes the gshield they still have them and it will work in the 500mm as well as the 1000mm.