Looking for manual/information for Shapeoko 2

I purchased a Shapeoko 2 a number of years ago from Inventables. It’s been a great machine, and I used it on countless projects over the last 9 years or so. It stopped working a bit ago, and got shelved. Now I need it again, but I’m having trouble with it. I’ve scoured Youtube and the interwebs for information about it, and I’ve found some things, but it’s still not working. I replaced both the GShield and the Arduino. I’m connecting with UGS Platform, and it will connect, but when I attempt to jog the steppers will thud, but not move. It’s been so long since I first assembled it that I’m sure I probably forgot steps, so I’m looking for what amounts to the original assembly instructions.
Anyone out there have them or know them well enough to convey the information?

Ha! I just knew after all my searching that as soon as I posted I’d find the docs, and that’s exactly what happened.


If anyone else might happen to need them.
If anyone has any troubleshooting advice to help me get this thing running again I’d still love to hear it!


I upgraded my S-2 to X carve specs. I’d suggest you get an X controller and upgrade to nema 23 motors. The connections on the X controller are way easier than what we did with the S-2. I also added a cnc4newbies Z axis, and extra extrusion, stiffeners, and risers.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve got two larger machines already, so I’m not really looking to invest a lot. I would just like to get it cutting again. I definitely didn’t have any complaints when it was running before. I would definitely consider changing the control system if I can’t get this one working, but I’ve already invested the $50 bucks in a G-Shield so I want to give it the ole college try before switching to something else.

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