Looking for more precise dimensions for the 1000mm Xcarve

Hello! I recently installed the latest upgrades to my older 1000mm machine (Z axis, steppers, stiffeners, everything except for the modular waste board). I believe I have everything set up correctly, but I would like to have something more precise to base my measurements on. Is there a spec for the distance between the Y axis maker slides? Again, I already have mine in place based on where the V-wheels want the rail to sit, but it would be nice to have something to use as a baseline and adjust from there. Any input is appreciated!

I think it’s more important that they are parallel. My guidance would be:

  1. for Y Axis, measuring front left to back right, and same in reverse, and ensuring measurements are the same.
  2. adjusting eccentric nuts and v-belts for play on all 3 axis’ (and you can check squareness to the wasteboard).
  3. tramming the z Axis (for me this was a biggie - even when I thought everything was parallel and square, the amount of tramming required surprised me).
  4. resurface the wasteboard

Roger that. Thanks!

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