Looking for sideboard inspiration

Hi All,

So i’m going to be building a side board for our living room and i want it to be a real statement and show off piece. It will be about 8ft long, some where between 2 to 3ft tall and 1.5 to 2ft deep. There will be a shelf unit above / on top which will fill a lot of the wall.

It needs to have a few storage boxes which can be pulled out to dump toys in and some cupboard or draws for other stuff. The hifi system will be on top or in the shelves not sure yet.

Looking for inspiration as i’m struggling for an idea which is WOW enough.


Is there a furniture style you prefer? Does your existing furniture have a certain aesthetic? Is the shelf unit already built? What does it look like? It’s hard to suggest something when we don’t know what “wow” looks like to you… this is all very subjective. :slight_smile:

Mid-century modern is trending lately. Is this a style that appeals to you?

I’m open on style really. Lighter woods for this room i think would work better so maybe not a Walnut. The shelf unit isn’t built and the only other furniture in the room is a sofa, chair and coffee table i made for the Modern Maker Podcast Plywood challenge.

Yellow chair

Open to ideas so no really style in mind. I’m wondering about something with some curve to it. Maybe some steam bending

A few years ago we were looking for a display shelf for the living room and my wife saw this design in a catalog. I decided I could build it from scratch for at least 3 times the price they were selling it for and used it as an excuse to buy a Festool Domino machine (love that tool BTW). I built it out of MDF. Once I had planned out all the dimensions building it was pretty easy, the part that drove me nuts was doing an even paint job afterwards. This design works just as well horizontally as vertically, it’s even symmetrical - you can flip it 180 degrees and it’s the same.

BTW, I also turned everything else in the picture on the wood lathe: bowls, eggs (painted metallic), hollow form, vase.



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Glad someone caught that.

I think, you can do smth like this (but if you still need an advise :slight_smile: )