Looking for someone in the Northern VA area to prototype my project

I am hoping to find someone who would be able to help me prototype a project I have in mind. I do not have a machine myself and all of the maketspaces in my area are closed right now so I figured I would turn to this community to see if there was any interest. I live in the Northern Virginia area and would like to find someone relatively close by. I am obviously willing to pay for the work and I have already sketched the project in the Easel app. Thanks in advance!


I’m in Scottsville … I have a 750 X-Carve; just FYI.
What is the project? Can you share the Easel project?

Feel free to send me a message if you want.


Brandon Parker

I apologise if the link doesn’t work, thanks!

Is that a cribbage board? I’ll help you out if you wanna pay shipping from Idaho.

Im in NOVA Loudoun County.

So I just pull up your project. With the bit you have, your looking at a 10 plus hour cut. Thats why to long for something this easy. Im changing up the bit to see the difference time. Going to a 1/8 bit cuts the cut time down to 3 hrs. What about the middle? Thats a big open space.