Looking for someone to demo an x-carve

Hi, I am looking for someone interested in showing me their x-carve. I would like to see how well it works, what it can do, and how accurate it is. I am in central Indiana and can travel within a 150 mile radius of Indianapolis. Rick

I am in TN 260 miles but willing

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I don’t mean to hijack Rick’s post but I would really like to see one in action too. I live in north central North Carolina.

Well since peeps are offering I have one and live in California.
In case anyone on the west cost is interested.

I live in Flint Mi, I can demo as well…I don’t do a lot with mine due to time but I can give you a general idea.

Rick, why don’t you go to XCarve, they are only 3 hours away in Chicago.

Why does an internet company charge sales tax in a state they are not physically located? I have never run into that before and was just curious.

That was my first thought but they don’t offer it They are just offices and shipping.

@RobertE.Baker Where?

Chicago, thats what they told me.

Scottsville, VA here just in case anyone is close…



I’m near Eden, NC.

There are plenty enough Youtube videos showing different projects running, Pros, Cons ETC. Might help you.

We have an employee in NC so we are required to charge tax in that state by law.

heck yeah I would defiantly go up to the inventables hq if you are willing to travel to chicago and they have a showroom I would love to take a tour if I was closer

Just wondering where in Ca. I’m near San Jose.
Just ordered a 1000mm X-Carve with VCarve Pro.