Looking for suggestions on cut settings

Hello everyone, I manage a wood shop that makes wooden blocks for children (similar to lincoln logs). We’re putting together a birthday set of blocks and i’m setting up a project on Easel for our 96x48 CNC table.

I’ll be using a 4x8 sheet of 3/4 plywood using 1/8" bit.

Im looking for suggestions on Cut Settings. I set mine to what I thought would be somewhat quick.

DPP: 0.187
Plunge Rate: 10
Feed Rate: 40

I simulated after entering in those parameters. The final toolpath time ended up being 16 hours.

I’m hoping to cut this time in half with someones knowledge here. I’m pretty new to the inventables community and CNC machinery.



Edit: There is 36 “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” fonts that i have fit onto the 4x8 sheet. In case that is something to be known.

A depth per pass of .187 in inches is running a 1/8" bit pretty hard in ply.

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Cole, successful settings will ultimately vary some depending on your particular machine setup but as a reference, my go to settings I used for 3/4" plywood with 1/8" bit:

1/8" straight 2 flute bit: (this pushing a little hard but ive had alot of success)
DPP: 0.1"
Plunge Rate: 9"
Feed Rate:75 ipm

As @JDM mentioned, .187" is a little much. Rule of thumb in general is to keep your DPP less than the bit diameter.

I recommend you practice on some scraps until you are comfortable with the results.

Just scroll down to the feed and speed section, this will give you a direction.