Looking for used machine

My name is Reginald Gabel and I am a retired pastor. I retired at 63 to focus on my family and to have the ability to mission work in my local area and in the Appalachian area of Tennessee and Alabama. Most of my projects will be from 6x6 to 12x15. These projects will be sold to fund the mission trips. (not hotel and travel), I will pay for those out of my funds. I have several people that will help me sell my items (mostly local and a few online). I will be working with small churches in the Appalachian area to help with needs of the churches and families. I spent 6 years working with a children’s home in the Appalachian area and saw first hand the needs of children and families. Much of what I will be doing is the small stuff, fixing and repairing things that are needed for everyday life while sharing why I want to help. I am trying to find someone who can donate a machine or has one I can afford on my fixed income.

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