Looking to buy X-Carve

I’m seeking a gently used, well cared for x-carve rather than purchasing a new system that requires assembly and set up. Willing to travel for pick up if arrangements made in advance! Thank you!

What’s your location? I have a 500mm upgraded Y risers upgraded z and mitsumi aluminun t-slot bed with a full sound enclosure and new shopvac tooling laptop arm and monitor arm, machined bump stop ect i’m looking to move up to maybe a tormach or vmc im in indiana central

sorry also have all original z axis wasteboard ect let me know if interested i can inventory and get pics for you

I’m near Mobile, AL :frowning:

Darn it’s a nice one too. fully loaded and cuts aluminum like butter

Hi. Is the setup you describe here still available and are you still looking to sell? I’m in NE Indiana and would love to see photos if you have some. Also, what price are you asking?
Thanks much.

Patrick, I have one for sale in Indiana. Like new 750x750