Looking to carve detailed images

I’m hoping to carve images into hard, flat pieces of wax that I will then cast in bronze or plastic to mold. Trying to figure out how much detail I can get with this machine. In the samples I’m seeing a lot of cut outs, but not many detailed images. We are making belt buckle with scene or logo carved into it. Anyone have experience or advice with doing something similar with this machine?

There is a lot of capability with the x-carve…just takes a little patience and practice.

Thank you Erik. This is exactly what I wanted to see.

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What software are you using?

These are all done by importing an STL file into either V-Carve or Aspire. There are free software options out there to do this kind of thing, I am just not familiar with using them. Some people use Fusion360 to import STL files and generate toolpaths…there are other options.


These are all cut in machinable wax that I buy in bulk and cast into plates for cutting. I am cutting them to make glass casting molds (not lost wax.)

These are early tries and I have gotten better since these were shot. You can get amazingly good detail. The wax holds detail great and you can really zip around pretty fast, although when cutting my later stuff I have slowed down a bit.

The weak link so far in respect to surface finish seems to be my z axis. I still have a lot of play in that section of the machine.

The first two are initially laid out in AI CS6, converted to paths, made into an SVG and imported into Easel, flipped and depths defined, then cut. The lithophane experiment is done in Vectric’s photo program and brought into Easel.