Looking to hire someone to cut a file in acrylic

Hello - I’ve made a design in easel but do not have a machine yet, so looking to hire someone to cut it. It is a 12 x 12 sheet of .75" cast acrylic, with a design cut into it, 2D. The file is done except the speeds, depth of cut, etc - I suspect you would know your machine and settings best. It is basically a bunch of ovals with a line carved through them, it can be viewed at Easel - 8-27 lexan mold

If anyone is interested, let me know how much and we will work it out. Thanks!!

Are you supplying the Acrylic? Like drop ship from amazon or something? I have a XCP and can defiantly knock this out for you. I am in Tennessee… Where you located?

Amazon Link… .75x12x12

@JoelPotts, where are you located?

You have @Robert10 in Tennesee who can help…

If that does not work out, I am in Virginia, and I can cut it and ship it anywhere.


Brandon Parker

Joel. I have responded via Private Message.

No payment required till you have received and inspected the finished product.

I look forward to working with you if you find my offer acceptable.

Thanks so much.

I am in California willing to help. Just lets us know

Can I ask what those are? They’re only about an inch by an inch and a half and ¾" thick.
Depending on the end goal, those edges will finishing. Acrylic will show artifacts from the stepper resolution. Depending on the end goal, I might approach this differently.

Just to let those who continue to offer help on this project I am working with Joel and do appreciate that there have been so many willing to help.

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