Looking to Modify My 750/750 to 750/1000 is there a build list?

Has anyone changed their machine from a 750 square to a 750/1000 setup? I am looking to buy the components. Is there an existing build list somewhere?

I upgraded my 500 to a 750 a few years ago…

You could implement the belt upgrade process during your size change.

  1. Belt Upgrade Kit
  2. Wasteboard material
  3. Y-Makerslide (x2)
  4. Base 20x20 makerslide for Y-Axis (x2); plus any base supports you want for under wasteboard
  5. T-nuts & screws as needed
  6. Use some of the old Y-Axis 20x20 750mm extrusions for base supports as needed/wanted.
  7. New dragchain for along the Y-Axis
  8. Depending on the extra stepper motor cable length you have available, you might have to get new cabling

Those are just some points to think about for you upgrade.


Brandon Parker

Thank you, Brandon !

Just my opinion, but structurally it would be better to lengthen the Y-Axis instead of the X-Axis since the gantry rides on the X-Axis. Installing stiffeners of any kind to the Y-Axis will suffice to prevent any sagging/twisting on them, but obviously, nothing can be done to support the X-Axis underneath…


Brandon Parker

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Let me preface this by stating that I am not trying to get into an argument about this.

Correct, but the OP is starting with a 750mm x 750mm machine.

Right, it is about personal preference and layout requirements, but structurally speaking expanding the Y-Axis is better than expanding the X-Axis due to the ability to add supports under the Y-Axis Makerslide extrusions.

I am simply saying that to get a 750mm x 1000mm machine and get the most rigid outcome, one would expand the Y-Axis.


Brandon Parker

Um, I noticed that the OP asked for a 750/1000.

And technically speaking @JoeBcrafts machine is a 1000x750

Did the OP purposely ask for a 750/1000 instead of a 1000/750? . I don’t know, but he might have…

… just saying, technically it isn’t what the OP asked for AND it would make a less rigid setup than expanding the Y as Brandon indicated. . :man_shrugging:
Is this any less rigid than a 1000x1000 no, but it is less rigid than what a 750x1000 would be.

That said, thank you for linking all of the parts Joe, that is very helpful. now he’s got an idea of what the costs would be and links to all of the needed parts for when its time to order them, now he just has to choose which axis to do and what quantities he would actually need :+1:

Sorry you feel that way, If it was my reply that pushed you over the edge, I apologize, I was simply pointing out the specifics of the request that varied from the supplied answers.

Here’s all the Links…

Aluminum Extrusion (20mm x 20mm) - Clear - 26047-02 (×3)
Wide MakerSlide - 30678-03
X-Carve Upgrade: 9 mm Belt and Motor Kit - 30879-01
Stepper Motor Cable Assemblies - 30679-09
Stepper Motor Cable Assemblies - 30679-12
Stepper Motor Cable Assemblies - 30679-11
Homing Switch Cable Assembly - 30682-09
Homing Switch Cable Assembly - 30682-07
Drag Chain - 30331-13

Also, the two of us, Brandon and I are also simply customers who help a lot of ppl and have thus been branded with being part of that solutions team, we are not company staff sooo :man_shrugging:

Yeah, I feel the same way… I am just a customer of Inventables the same as most others on this forum.

Here is a list of all of the “Solutions Team” members that are also Inventables staff members:
@LukeWilson1 - previously TBD CNC

Everyone else on the “Solutions Team” is just cruising the forum discussing CNC related material with other like-minded individuals.

In my opinion, pointing out the structural differences relating to expanding the Y-Axis vs. the X-Axis is in no way ‘toxic “help”’ …

No one has to be right in conversations; it not about whether one is right or not. It should be about providing the most accurate information/assistance we all can no matter if a person is on the “Solutions Team” or not.

Again, I would like to reiterate Seth’s statement that I am sorry you feel that way. That being said, I do not condone nor should any other member of this forum for that matter, telling other members of the forum, especially those just trying to help, to

That is completely uncalled for; we all know where you meant that we should go. This is not the type of behavior one should be expressing on this or any other forum that is meant for members of a community to help one another.


Brandon Parker

That’s very true Brandon… I really wasn’t mad at the team. I was mad at you.

Now you have pointed out at least 5 TIMES that “in my opinion it is structurally better…” and even Seth felt the need to pile on.

“let me preface that I am not trying to get into an argument…” but that is exactly what you’ve been doing. It is this: I don’t want to offend you, but let me harp about something that will offend you.

The OP asked if anyone had a list of parts for making the 750 mm x-carve bigger.
I gave MY EXPERIENCE of making my 750x750 bigger and the parts (with links) bought to do it. I answered the OP’s question… but

Perhaps the OP was asking about making the y-axis bigger than the x-axis, then ANSWER THAT with a parts list not telling me over and over how “structurally…” Give a solution to the OP instead of badgering someone else who was just trying to help.

Is my setup structurally less rigid than if I had expanded the Y, sure! Is it any worse than a stock 1000x1000, nope. Is it critical to repeat ad nauseum that my setup is not the most structurally optimized solution, ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Any of you watch John Heisz videos on youtube? Your “structurally less rigid” point is one of those type of things he is always complaining about. It is a valid observation, but it is not such a huge difference that it needs to be repeated ad nauseum. It wasn’t even the question, the question was what parts are needed and is there a list.

Here is a support article that provides some additional information and a parts list: