Loosing Z when machine is homed or Worked homed and have been using these for months

I am using Easel and my machine is a 3018 ProVer 2 and controlling it from my laptop. Been doing this for months with no issues but now today - when I manually set the work home (same location I have been using for months) and then click raise the bit - it grinds for a second and then stops - I loose all Z control from my mouse - if I take it up by hand I can move the X axis using the computer and once I have gone about 3/8 of an inch I regain my Z movement with the computer mouse. Even if I hit home, the machine will go to the preset Machine Home but then I can not control the up and down. I have to click the mouse 2 clicks to the right (X) before I regain my up and down control. Help please

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