Losing connection in easel

So the latest x-carve failure is the dreaded disconnect in the middle of a job. Here is what I have done about it with no success.

  1. I have installed a powered USB
  2. I have replaced the USB cable dongle and attached directly to the board.
  3. I have ran a separate power line from my breaker box just for the x-carve. Everything is on it’s own line.
  4. Removed router power cable from drag chain.
  5. replaced laptop with a desktop running windows 10.
  6. switched to chrome.

I can’t think of much more I can do with this machine to fix this problem. Anyone have a suggestion that I missed?

Ugh! Been there and did all you did, but running solid now.

If you trick the machine into doing an “air carve” with the router off and bit touching nothing … does it still die?

Also try running a job with shop lights off. Interference is coming from somewhere!