Losing cutting depth

Can anyone help please, gone over all settings many times but every time i try and carve into 0.7mm formica the cut gradually loses depth of cut, have checked all fittings all seem tight

Many thanks


has the wasteboard been surfaced to make it parallel with the gantry’s plane of movement and the workpiece verified as also parallel?

I use this shimming method to check for parallel and add shims if needed to make the workpiece parallel whenever the workpeice itself cannot be surfaced.

Is your mount for the spindle tight and is your bit tight enough, ?


Yes all tight

Think your on something, didnt amswer my point at all,

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Hey Steve, was your issue resolved? I’ve found some other issues, an inherent flaw in the Easel grbl settings that get pushed to the newest version X-Carve that could cause the issue you reported above… If this is an X-Carve and the issue isn’t totally resolved, I might have a solution for you…

I’m curious to hear what another possible fix this would be as I have been dealing with this issue ever since I put on the upgraded z axis. I have been fighting it for the last 7 months so interested in any input you may have.

The fix is to change $112 to 500. (or at least 1,000 or less, based on some quick tests I’ve done 1,000 should be acceptable)

Per the Chart (and Inventables support staff) the default $112 setting is 500 so that is the safe setting to use officially

However per the tests I’ve run (and the reports of no less than 20 others with the same issue I’ve talked to in the past month-ish) Easel is sending the setting of $112=2,000 to the new version X-Carve AND users who’ve installed the new Z axis. Now, with the New Driver requirement, that made ALL Easel users re-do their machine setup, when every Post Nov-2021 X-Carve owner AND those with the new Z axis Upgrade did their new machine setup that Easel forced them to do, a new set of settings are pushed to the CNC, and one of these settings was $112=2000. And this can cause Z axis stepper lockup from the Stepper trying to rotate faster than it can phase swap, resulting in Z position loss mid-carve. This is most prevalent with Deeper plunges, because due to the acceleration setting it takes a half a second to get to speed (or in this case to reach a speed that’s just too fast)…
Basically the root cause is someone edited the grbl settings that Easel is pushing to the X-Carve AND then they did an driver update which forced everyone to install the new settings unknowingly and now it’s an issue.

Oh yeah, I reported the issue 13 days ago, the support staff member said they’d push the information over to Easel Dev Team, and here we are 13 days later (I tested this 2 hours ago) and it’s STILL not fixed.

They need to fix those settings that Easel is pushing immediately, and send a email blast to every email they have on record (including every Easel user) with instructions that IF they own an X-Carve to verify and if needed change that setting. And I’m about to Email higher up the chain since it’s 2 weeks tomorrow with no change to the problem.

Hi Seth

No still doing the same on every carve, yes please tell me


Thanks for the input. I made the change and still came out with the same results. I have a couple more tests that I need to try to see if I can narrow down the problem. I prefer to use vcarve over easel to draw everything up but have been still uploading the gcode into easel. I am going to draw one of the same cuts I have had an issue with in easel and in vcarve to see if I produce the same results. I am not sure what programs Steve is using but am curious.

Having the same issue with an upgraded machine. I’ve done all the measurements, made sure my belts are tightened properly, flattened my wasteboard, flattened my project, and changed $112 back to 500. It isn’t every project, I just did a large inlay sign with no depth issues, it is when I create a smaller text-based sign.

one more thing to address is the Z assembly height setting. IF the vbit being used for text is shorter than your other bits and/or possibly the stock is thinner this can cause the Z axis to bottom out and loose height from that occurrence.


Using Carbide create, then saving gcode,

Open up in Easel same problem



Checked that, plenty of leeway,

Could it have anything to do with the brass anti backlash fitting on the z drive, as I tightened it right up,



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one more thing to address is the Z assembly height setting. IF the vbit being used for text is shorter than your other bits and/or possibly the stock is thinner this can cause the Z axis to bottom out and loose height from that occurrence.

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Hi Seth

Here is a photo and short video of whats going on,

Not a round cut,

Not a complete cut,

Losing depth, usually lot more loss of depth actually raises up 2 or 3 mm



what model cnc is this? I thought this was an X-Carve but that looks like a 3018…
What are the cut settings? (Feed, plunge, depth per pass, plunge ramp angle, etc.)

Hi Seth

Yes 3018,
Feed rate = 80 per mm
Plunge rate = 340
Depth of cut = 0.4mm per pass
Not sure what you mean by plunge angle though, sorry,
My step over in the bit settings is 0.2
As you can see i am using a narrow angle vee bit but easel doesnt have this option in the non pro version, neither does carbide create, so selected default 60 degree bit,
Was cutting ok now does this,

Thanks Seth


80mm per min