Losing my mind on this ornament

Using aspire. Truly have no idea what I’m doing with this. I really really can’t seem to get this v carving down. I need someone to please help.( I know I have to measure the v bit head). I don’t know if my settings are even close to right. All I wanna do is make an ornament. Any help would be great.
This is the design

This is what happened.

These are my settings (prob totally wrong)


Just need to make one good thing with this machine

Also the Diameter is probably not correct it is the Diameter of the head. Looks like you need to limit your max depth this is done in the cut settings.

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Really don’t think this is the area that your settings are off. Instead take a check at your Job Setup settings. My guess is you are using the incorrect Z position. In this picture I zero to the top of the work surface as seen by Material (Z) having a dot in the top and you can see the red dot on top of the piece. (Make sure you are zeroing to the correct location.

If you are zeroing correctly then also take a look at your tool path configuration. If you have the ability to perform a bit change accurately (With limit switches) Use the Flat Area Clearing tool with a flat endemill. This will 1) take less time & 2) increase the life of the more expensive V-bit.

Just for good measures here is my base setup for new materials (It is very conservative and I am still running an older configuration Nema 17 and DW660 so note you can most likely modify this.

Diameter (For V-bits this is the largest distance of the actually cutter blades Top part of the V)
Pass Depth: I find shallow is better
Step over: I find .01 and final .1 is more then good enough as you don’t really have stopover

I am using V-Carve not aspire but the two are almost identical when it comes to tool paths. I don’t know if you can save the file as a crv file or not but if you can I will take a look at it and run a test cut to see if I can get you some baseline settings. Also if you submit a screenshot of the two additional settings areas I provided I might be able to see where you are running into issues. Oh and keep an eye open for your Start Depth.


Let me first thank @RobertCanning. I’m an idiot and was using the wrong v bit and did measure the bit head and everything.

@BenjaminFord thank you for breaking that down. I’m starting to understand this. Very detailed and really really appreciate this

This was done before doing your step over guidance. Just wondering what my next step or what I need to fix? Is this how it suppose to look like?

Is it just me or did itcut oppisite from what the design was?

If set up correctly it should look like the preview.

If it was me I would consider changing the approach to the carve. All that interior space will take forever to carve out. I would consider changing the curves so that the wings, hallo and letter are carved away and the rest is left flat with the surface of the board.

A lot depends on how the curve is drawn. One way would be to add a circle around the whole thing and see if that changed what is carved and what is left. (sometimes you have break up V carves into a couple of different carve operations to get it to process correctly.)
Or if the V Carve process is not working correctly I have tried doing it as a profile cut, on the line, with a v bit selected to good result.

Thank you. Will def do that first!!!

The picture seems to play tricks on your mind. I saw it reversed too, but now it looks right.


Ya, it’s the shadow throwing the perspective off.