Loving every minute of it

Im new to the cnc world and any program of design, ive had my x carve for two months and loving it. its been a learning curve for sure but its coming together taking pics and merging them and creating things ive been working on a few things here are some pics

mostly just learning things will be getting better the anchor i designed from several different pics meshing them together im working on a 3d one right now the box was just to see how it worked and i have made many or things in my shop

the roman clock i designed from many different ones rather then just one of google its 24 inches and people like that one so i have more to cut out!

the anchor is 24 inches tall 16 wide it took a bit to cut but i was happy with it for the first big design i did!
i love this machine it keeps me busy! happy cutting to everyone


great job!! keep it up

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You are off to a good start. Nice projects.

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Nice projects, gets kind of addicting!


Great job! Keep it up!

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Couple of questions:

Anchor made out of MDF?
Ghost - Plywood?

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Yes i cut it from mdf to make sure it cuts the way i would like it before i use real wood

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