Loving the X-Carve. A Few Months In

Just wanted to take a second and share some of the stuff that I’ve made and say thanks to everyone on this forum. Every time I’ve ever had an issue, after a couple quick searches, its always been resolved.

As most of us on here, I started experimenting with signs and have actually turned it into a little bit of a business.

Check our Etsy store, would love some feedback.




That looks super professional!

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Nice job! they look great. If you don’t mind letting us know, how well these are selling. how do you like dealing with Etsy? I have been thinking of putting some stuff up there too. thanks for sharing

Those signs look great. I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ but are there copyright issues with the GoT things?

Also, it may just be my dirty mind but the ‘trick or treat’ sign says something very different when I read it first :wink:

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Yes! So far this method has been working great for me.

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Etsy really is fantastic. It’s amazing what they do for you and all the statistics they give you. For example, Etsy shows me that I have gotten 50 views to MY Etsy Shop just from the link I posted above. Very detailed information.

So far its been going great. They are selling well. I also set up a booth at local street fairs and market days and do well there too.


Its definately not just you. We noticed it as well. Going to work on a way to clear that up. Without the dot above the ‘i’ it could have been even worse. HA!

As far as the copyright issues go, I truly don’t know. I called Etsy about stuff like this awhile back and they didnt seem to think ti was an issue. We made it a point not to use any of their logos etc and all the artwork was done in illustrator but us.

Very well done and even better presented !
As far as copy rights, please for the love of god take it seriously. Etsy does not care if you sell copyrighted material since they pass the responsibility of securing rights on your own.
You might think its not a problem searching other stores but than you quickly realize that many of them are outside of US in Ukraine etc and it makes it just not worth the time to go after them. If you are from US you are very easy low hanging fruit for them to extort and when you get a letter demanding to pay or go to court I would imagine you will not go for easier option.
There are algorithms that scavenge internet for copyrighted material and it will get flagged sooner or letter you can be sure of that, you are messing here with HBO aka Time Warner.

How do I know that? our company hired web dev years ago for simple page, he grabbed image of google search, no one bothered to check if he had rights to image.
Few years later we paid 5k$ settlement and we did not even get the rights to keep the image.