Low Profile Vise Design

About to receive my new X-carve and i’ll be upgrading it to 750x1500mm size with a bunch of stiffening mods so i can handle aluminum/brass better as well.

A problem I noticed is the Z axis clearance is pretty low (65 ish), Instead of increasing the Z axis… I was hoping to have a low profile vise that i could use to accurately secure billets to but it proved very difficult to find online (for cheap at least).

I happen to have a couple 10x17x1in chunks of aluminum lying around so i figured I could make a very low profile vise once I have my X-Carve dialed in.

This is my design for a 7.5 x 10 x 1in vise (5.5 x 6 x.625in clamp area). It has an all aluminum base milled from 1" aluminum blank and includes flush mounted steel jaws as well as a tapped steel insert (for thread durability under tension) on the long 3/8-16 tightening screw.

This is designed to be able to bolt to my T-Track bed and be easily removeable for when i’m working on larger projects.

What do you guys think? Any advice or criticism? Anything is appreciated! Thank you!


Awesome! It’s probably not the cheapest design if you have to buy your materials from scratch. it works for me since I have the aluminum already lol.

I imagine you could buy a .375 aluminum plate, mill the tracks and bolt flanges, and then just and just bolt on steel stops and jaws ontop in order to make it more economical.

I made something like this a while back but it was a 2 piece design so that it could be used on any size material. low pro vices are nice to have around



I recommend that your stationary jaw be a separate piece from your base plate interlocking each other, if you plan on screwing your jaw plates… Might be hard to machine those 2 holes otherwise. Second, I’d say to invest in a few more dollars and do the baseplate and your stationary jaw out of cold roll steel… Unless you don’t plan on torquing the parts too much :stuck_out_tongue: