Low voltage relay?

I am new to this forum and new to the relay world.
Working on a project and was wondering if there is a relay out there that would allow me to switch between 3 option (connections).
The relay would be placed in a low current environment (about 200microAmps).
Is there any product that would allow me to do this or the only way is to use 2 relays?


you can Controllable Four Outlet Power with this Relay

this is a 8-Channel 12V Relay Shield Module For Arduino.


Do you want to power up three connections or do you want to choose which of the three to connect?

Would like to choose which of the three to connect.


What are the voltages and the current that you want to switch?

Is it one signal to be sent to one of three different places, or multiple signals?

Uni-directional or bi-directional?

200uA ? Why so low maybe a mosfet

Thank you guys for looking into this. I need one relay to select one of 3 circuits. using 2 relays will do the job for me. I want to use NAIS relay- AGQ2004H but cannot find the pin configuration (pin numbers and respective functions). Can anyone help with this.

AGQ2004H_datasheet.pdf (185.1 KB)

Thanks Larry, what are the pin connection going to be. I see on the dimensions section that pins 1 and 8 are Power and ground, what about pins 2,3,4,5,6,7? Maybe I am missing something.

It’s at the bottom of page 4 right side.

Sorry Larry for not getting back sooner, I was on vacation.
I see the connections on page 4, but I guess I just do not understand them. This is what I understand:
The dark circles mean that the pin is NC:
we have 2 of them NC1 and NC2 respec pins 2 and 7
The hollow circles are NO1 and NO2 respectively pins 4 and 5
The middle hollow circles are the common pins (6 and 7)
so there are 2 circuits, right? circuit pins 2,3,4 and circiut pins 5,6,7
-when the relay is off (no curr through transformer) are we NO (normally open 2 and 4 disconnected) for circuit 1
-when the relay is on (curr through transformer-coil latching) are we NC (normally closed2 and 4 connected) for circuit 1

Does the same go for circuit 2 or are the the opposite:
-when the relay is off (no curr through transformer) are we NO (normally open, 5 and 7 disconnected) for circuit 2
-when the relay is on (curr through transformer-coil latching) are we NC (normally closed, 5 and 7 connected) for circuit 2
It is very simple but I am not sure what they mean with the hollow circles, the dark circles and the arrows. (deenergized condition and col latching )
thanks for your help

This is very simple, I am just not clear on how to make sense on the drawing of the datasheet. Can anyone help?


Just a note: the part number that you supplied is not the latching relay.

See if this helps…

Yes this really helps. And now I understand their schematic of the data sheet (I was thinking that the drawing on the left was when the relay is OFF and the other drawing was when the relay is ON (therefore the term latching but the drawings were the same and that was the reason I was puzzled)

So am I right when I say “Single side stable” (deenergized condition) under the operating column for AGQ200A4H means that no current flow through the coil and relay is OFF?
“1 coil latching” (reset condition) for AGQ210A4H. also means that the relay is OFF?
If so, why do they use the word latching. I understood the word latching by Relay is ON and current flow through coil.

I am now going to have a great Saturday off and Once I understand the small confusion mentioned above, I will have great Sunday off and therefore a great weekend. Thanks to you man.


The “Single side stable” operates like the drawings above (part # AGQ2004H).

The “1 coil latching” is for the part # AGQ2104H. In that part you have to apply 5 volts across the coil to get the relay to trip, once tripped you have to reverse the voltage across the coil to get it to reset. Just removing the 5 volts will not reset a latching relay.

Thank you very much. Have a great weekend.

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