Low workshop ceiling - Had to do some custom rigging of vacuum tubing

So we finally have our machine together and when it came time to assemble the dust shoe and vacuum hose, we ran into a problem. Low ceiling and shop light.
The only possible place in our basement workshop that could fit the bench and machine (that also did not have any water lines running above it) was directly below some ducting and a main support beam. There was just no possible way to fit the tubing as described in the assembly instructions under everything.

So, we improvised. Leaving the tubing just sitting on the shop light worked, but it dragged too much for my liking. Plus it made the light swing when doing a cut, so that option was out. After a few different attempts with some pvc pipe, we came to the solution shown in the photo.
Two 2" plastic J-hooks screwed to a ceiling joist with a short length of 1" pvc tube resting in the hooks. Plus a couple of 1" pvc T-connectors to ensure the pipe never slides out of the hooks.

The tubing runs over the pvc pipe smooth as butter with no dragging at all.

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I’ve used a bungee to hold the pipe to the ceiling, it can travel a little while remaining attached. I can unhook it if I need to use the long tube for general shop cleaning.