Luggage plate for my KTM 1190 Adventure


I was struggling with milling aluminium but finally I found my way how to do it. I bought the X-carve to make myself a bigger luggage plate for my Adventure bike to carry bigger bags and here is the result.

What do you think? Second picture shows the plate powder coated.


Dude, that is sweet!

That looks great!

That is awesome

Well done Sir!!

Awesome. :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing.

what bits/settings?

great result!

3mm single flute carbide mill for the plate - feed 500mm/min, DOC 0.5mm, 25k RPM
1mm single flute carbide mill for both logos - feed 300mm/min, DOC 0.2mm, 25k RPM
90 deg Destiny Viper mill for all the chamfers - feed 500mm/min, DOC 0.2mm, 25k RPM