M5 Cap Head Screw Replacements

I think I have just about lost all of my 40mm (Blue) M5 Cap Head Screws so I need some replacements. I have looked at what Inventables offers but I wanted to see if their is a better alternative that the community suggests.

I have been to Bolt Depot and seen the correct cap head screws.
Now, I’m curious if there is a product out there that includes the plastic wings or perhaps some other superior material.

The plastic that inventables uses is soft enough that if my bit touches it, it will cut through without damaging the bit. I see the advantage to that. I do not have a 3D printer, although I can see why they would be handy to have to print such parts.

Are there any other materials or products available that I should consider?


these might work, where are you located? I have a whole set never used.

Amazon.com: Pro Bamboo Kitchen 2pcs M5 20mm Male Threading Rotating Knob Adjustable Thumb Lever Screw Black/Red : Industrial & Scientific

That’s an interesting idea. Thank you.
I’m located in CA - about an hour north of Fresno.

What do you use to hold down your clamps if not the M5 Screws?

23-gauge pin nails, screws and/or have T tracks installed but hold downs pretty bulky.
It all depends on how large or small a project is.

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Lowes carriers metric bolts in hardware


I redesigned some in Fusion that I print on a 3D printer. Essentially the save as the Inventables ones.

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All the reason to just buy a 3D printer for this issue I have. Ugh.

I was going to order some yesterday.
Screws (5 pack) $3.75. Shipping to Ohio. $14.57.
There is no way in the world that shipping costs that much.
No thanks, I’ll look elsewhere.
Its a rip off.

Come on Inventables, COME ON…