Mac getting hot

Every time that I use Easel, my Mac gets really hot and the fan spins up to compensate. The CPU core temp inevitably ramps up quickly to 92-98 C within about 2 minutes of use, even after the fan accelerates. If I close down Easel, the temps drop back to normal (50 C) within a minute.

I’m using a MacBook Pro, late 2013 with an i5 and 8GB. My assumption is that the 3D rendering is causing this. Any suggestions?

@Bill Are you running it in Safari or Chrome?

I’m using Safari 8.0.6

Give it a try on Chrome and see if the same happens. Could narrow down a few possibilities.

Permanent fix … Get a pc lol

Same problem on Chrome. A little slower onset, maybe 3-4 minutes, but still the same overheating problem. I wonder if it is possible to turn off the 3D rendering, at least temporarily.

Hi @Bill I’m running a MacBook Air from 2013. Can you share the link so I can try it on mine to see if it gets hot?

@Bill, is it only happening with one certain project on Easel or is it happening on all or your projects?

@JoeBerman let not start that old battle here… it quickly devolves into silly talk.


lol. amen since its not really a debate anyways just a bunch of butt hurt mac owners :wink:

It is happening with all of my projects. They are all simple, no imported SVG graphics, just text and simple shapes.

Strange… My first thought was that it could be a plugin causing an issue. I just opened up Easel on a late 2008 MacBook and didn’t get any fan noise, and I definitely don’t get any on my 2014 MacBook Pro Retina…

Curious, if you have high speed graphics enabled in System Prreferences > Energy Saver

What version of the OS are you running?
Also, does it happen both plugged in and in plugged from power? (Give it time for each and fresh start Safari for each)