Mac operating system

what operating system for mac is required to run easel. I am putting my machine together and am thinking about buying a older imac from 2008. any info would be helpful. thank you in advance

Easel is browser based.

I use a white Macbook (2009) and a iMac (2010) with no issues.

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Thank you

I’m 99.9% sure that Easel doesn’t use Java.

There is an EaselLocal driver that has to be installed that isn’t browser based.

Reference this page:

You need Mac OS X 10.10 or higher

That may be the case, I am not the into IT :slight_smile:
Corrected my post above.

It works on my Mac´s but I could check the OS used on the oldest one I got.

Update, I use OSX10.11.3 on my MB 2009 (White)

i use easel with a max on os 10.10.

the only mac related issue i had was with safari, so i have to use google chrome.

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I had to upgrade to a newer Mac, circa 2011. The older MacBook I had couldn’t upgrade to 10.10+ as it was the first machine to use the intel chips. Rosetta (Apples’s interpreter between Motorola and Intel chips) was no longer supported after os 10.6.8. Could not run easel on either Firefox or Safari. Now run easel on Safari, operating system on newer machine is 10.13.

I have a 2015 Mac Mini and works fine via easel with Firefox