Mach3 plasma

I already have all my electronics working for a new plasma cnc.


Thank’s SR.

connection schematic daigram plzzz

images (5)

images (6)images (4)

good morning I don’t know how to help you without many details this type of controller is very complicated I hope those scheme help you a little?

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Hi, it’s me, Shiva. I am 21 years old and love technology. I like everything from Computers, to CNC machines, 3D printing, Robot Arm, coding, Graphic Design, and much more.I was starting the x carve CNC plasma cutting business .
So give some ideas for business .how to get Job work industry. X carve machine suitable for plasma cutting business???

good morning my name is Johan Mota I live in Houston Tx and I love technology I have 2 laser cnc a cnc another milling machine and a plasma available I like to make my own pieces, I wish you luck in your business I have a website on Etsy where I sell things you do wooden and lase?